There's no denying that parting with money can be hard, it's a big ask and we understand that. But the truth is, monetary contribution is the most effective way you can help. It takes a lot of money to get enough water together to ensure the water security of an entire town for just a few weeks ($4600 to be exact).


We are entirely volunteer run so all money we receive goes directly towards water deliveries and water security projects that we are currently looking into in consultation with local community Elders and residents. 

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Social Media is a powerful and effective tool. It helps us reach people en mass and gives us the opportunity to build community that reaches beyond physical boundaries. The more our content gets shared, the more chance we have to raise awareness and funds to address this crisis

We need to send a message to the politicians who say they represent us and tell them that we do not accept their blatant and wilful ignorance when it comes to the North West NSW Water Crisis. 


Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier.

(02) 8574 5000

Contact form:

John Barilaro, NSW Deputy Premier

(02) 6299 4899

Brad Hazzard, Minister for Health

(02) 9981 1111

Wherever we are in this country we respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have resisted the harmful practices of colonisation since invasion and are at the forefront of all current work being done to protect this land. Together we are striving to ensure that all people have access to clean and safe drinking water. Gali is life.